About Allgood Financial Advisory

Allgood Financial Advisory is a comprehensive wealth management and holistic financial planning firm. For most of our clients, we serve as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for their family.

Allgood Financial Advisory is much more than an investment manager. The ideal client of Allgood Financial Advisory realizes the importance of coordinating all aspects of their financial lives. Allgood Financial Advisory maintains working relationships with professionals from all necessary disciplines to offer our clients superior advice so they can focus most of their attention on the things in life that matter the most to them. This is possible by knowing all aspects of their financial lives are properly arranged in the manner that is most appropriate for them. This level of success is achieved by not just striving for the maximum return on their investments consistent with every aspect of their lives, but identifying all their personal goals, risk tolerances and the aspects of life they value most. This allows us to work as a team to implement all the necessary financial strategies and instruments so that every level of risk is appropriate and the best opportunity to work toward realizing their goals is achieved.