How to Plan For College and Keep Expenses Down in the Age of the Student Debt Crisis

For most students, experts say it remains financially worth it to go to college, despite rising tuition and opportunity costs in relation to increasing wages for workers holding only a high school diploma. The average rate of return (net gain or loss on college investment across a career) is 14%. 

3 Lessons I’ve Learned Working At A Wealth Management Firm

Published by Shayla Kriha Flash back to May 9th 2011, the day I started working at Carson Wealth Management Group. I thought at that time I knew what working in the financial services industry was all about; I could not have been more wrong. It’s now June 2018, and I can truly say I know ex …

Financial Advice I Share with My Children

Published by Shayla Kriha Are you a saver or someone who spends money? Did your parents teach you how to save? Maybe they didn’t talk about money or finances because they felt like it was an adult conversation, not something to burden you with growing up. The reality is that parents a …

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